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shit fuck no!

i received this in my mail today:

2004 Preview / Group Exhibition

Mayra Alford
Jeff Brady
Christofer Chin
Chris Ellis
Amir H. Fallah
Joey Morris
Tracey Powell
Vincent Ramos

February 21 - March 27, 2004
Opening: Saturday February 21, 6-9pm

4-F Gallery
977 Chung King Road
LA  CA  90012

that's just fucking great.
i've a game to attend to
i was planning to go to a small film gathering
in chinatown.
fuck! fuck!
of course, i'd skip all those for Tofer.
goddamnit, but the game's mandatory.
well, for those of you who will be attending,
tell me all about it.
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Deleted comment


me neither!
i always thought he was caucasian!
oh well,
people surprise you sometimes.
or maybe i just surprised myself.